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About ICI

Who we are

The International Cancer Institute (ICI) is a Non-governmental organization, based in Eldoret-Kenya, whose main purpose is to expand education and training opportunities in cancer care and research across sub-Saharan Africa through multi-sectoral collaborations and partnerships with relevant organizations both governmental and Non-governmental. ICI also aims at facilitating the registration and the functions of the College of Oncologists of East, Central and Southern Africa.


ICI’s mission is to prevent and cure cancer through pioneering interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, to translate new knowledge into better prevention and treatment, and to provide effective and compassionate clinical care that improves the lives of patients with cancer and their families.

We are committed to excellence in our research, dynamic partnerships between our collaborating centers, laboratories and clinics, robust outreach and education throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and engaging in outstanding education and training programs for future cancer scientists and clinicians.


ICI will midwife cancer medicine discoveries, lead efforts to prevent and cure cancer in sub-Saharan Africa, and contribute to solving the problems of cancer globally, while providing the optimal level of safe, innovative, compassionate care for patients with cancer throughout the region.

Functions of the ICI:

  1. Facilitate the registration & the functions of the College of Oncologists of East, Central and Southern Africa, providing the secretariat on contractual basis and initiating collaborations between members across the region. These functions include standardized Oncology training curricula, Faculty connection to programs in the region, assisting regulatory bodies in recommendations of oncologists for registration to practice in various countries and inter/intra-country knowledge/skills sharing, transfer and dissemination.
  2. Facilitate Cancer research & trainings for all cadres of heath care workers in Sub-Saharan Africa. This will include various courses: Epidemiology, Oncology Pharmacy, Chemotherapy competency courses, Biostatistics, Cancer registries, Behavioral Sciences, Implementation science, Ethics in International Research, Global Oncology topics amongst others. Prominent Clinical and Research Faculty & Scientists drawn from Universities, Pharma and other relevant organizations who will conduct the trainings in mixed formats.
  3. Clinical trials Consortium Co-ordination. In the effort to improve standardization of practice across East, Central and Southern Africa, ICI will establish a Clinical trials Consortium that can apply for external grants from NCI, UICC, and various governmental and non-governmental entities to promote conduct of collaborative research across the region. This will enhance regional integration, Cancer research and care as well as improve the quality of trainees and graduates from the in-country programs for all cadres of health care and healthcare related staff. Enroll patients into local IREC/IRB approved clinical trials, assisting with bulk-sourcing for Chemotherapy and other anti-cancer/supportive treatments through ICI Research Pharmacy and Data Management support systems
  4. Grants management through the ICI’s Research and Sponsored Programs Office (iRSPO), which includes Procurement, supply chain management, budget process, grant writing, IRB process facilitation, reporting functions to both the grant organizations and various PIs and support for the PIs and researchers to achieve their intended outcomes in a timely manner and with judicious use of funds
  5. Act as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) to assist in accelerating cancer research in Sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with various partners both governmental and non-governmental including Industry.
  6. Facilitation of Importation of medical equipment and medical drugs/supplies and assisting in transfer of clinical care and research biomedical equipment and biologic material between partners for various studies, services, programs and procedures. This includes but not limited to blood samples, tissue samples etc. and assisting with the various local and International regulatory approvals and follow-ups.
  7. Philanthropy: Through the ICI Foundation, Funds will be raised to assist financially constrained cancer patients access optimal cancer treatments for free or highly subsidized as per their financial ability. In addition to assisting in helping them enroll in their National Insurance schemes

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